3 Supercharged Habits That Can Boost Your Health, Healing, and Happiness

Are you struggling to find peace of mind? Do you want to feel good in your own skin? Are you ready to make changes in your life?

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I am going to reveal some common challenges that people experience and I will share with you the essentioal steps you can take to overcome those challenges.

  • An essential perspective that will help you create healthy daily habits to improve how you feel.

  • The necessary steps to help you heal and transform your life in positive ways.

  • The powerful secret to find happiness though shifting focus.


by Christo

I would highly recommend the counseling services provided by Taeko. As a practicing emergency physician I live under conditions of constant stress and fatigue most of the time. Due to work overload I have neglected my own physical and psychological health. Coaching sessions with Taeko helped me increase my awareness and develop new prospective and appreciation for health and wellbeing, and also enabled me to take specific action towards healthier lifestyle as well as develop compassion towards myself and others. Highly recommended !


Before coaching with Taeko, I struggled with disorganization, and severe anxiety. Then Taeko taught me that nothing is ever easy when it comes to changing, but can be attainable with persistence and perserverance. The 3 most significant results I’ve experienced from coaching with Taeko are : 1.creating weekly goals and charting progress on a daily basis to reflect and make changes accordingly to meet goals. Only through planning and scheduling can I bring back calmness into my day. 2. Creating mantras and positive affirmations each week to help guide and comfort me when days or goals become challenging. 3. Creating time for self care to heal the gut and mind. What I loved most about coaching with Taeko is her patience and time to line out plans, created charts to help meet my personal goals. Each week she would call to make sure I was doing fine with my tasks and helped create more tasks each week. She has helped me step into a new ME and very happy and fortunate to have worked with her.


Taeko was wonderful to work with. I am a working mom of three young children, with two of those being in virtual school. I struggled with motivation and feeling overwhelmed. She asked great questions and helped me delve into the cause of my feelings. She led me through a variety of techniques to take a step back, get my bearings, and then move forward again. Taeko is very personable and takes interest in her clients. She is caring, understanding, and very flexible. I highly recommend her services to others.


Before coaching with Taeko, I struggled with advocating for myself and making time for myself. As a result, my health and well being was suffering. Then Taeko taught me that even with my busy schedule I could make small incremental changes. Small changes over time made it much more manageable and easier to establish new habits. The 3 most significant results I’ve experienced from coaching with Taeko are having more time to take care of myself and my family, more energy, and better health. I've even started to lose a little weight! What I loved most about coaching with Taeko is how compassionate she is and how she made it so easy and manageable for me.


Working with a health coach helped me see my experiences from an outside perspective. This point of view helped me refresh my goals each week and see where I have been, where I want to go. I also found that the accountability and advice that comes with health coaching is personalized, keeping the person you are in mind as you are your coach work to reach goals together.


So far, I am having a lot more opportunities present themselves to me in a good light. As I am sure before I was pessimistic to believe I had the chance . Taeko has helped me work through my mental block with exercises which has embraced my ability to push myself forward in a gentle way. :)


When you want to change your current situation, you could get additional help from reading books, watch YouTube videos, or you can try to do it on your own. If you feel that with my help you can achieve your goals and move past the obstacles in your way, Now is the time for you to try this. Healthy New You 2022!

What is unique about Taeko's Coaching Session?

  • Client decide their own goals

    Taeko looks at the client as an expert. She helps her clients develop high self efficacy and resilience.

  • Get results with a system that emphasizes ease and fun

    Take an investment into your future and learn tools that can help you through challenges throughout life.

  • A supportive, loving honest, and non judgmental environment

    The best coaches are naturally curious, and they are also excellent listeners. Taeko's curiosity asks you to stretch your knowledge, skills, and capacity to try new things.

  • Focus on what you get to do, rather than what you don't

    Taeko will guide you in focusing your time and energy more efficiently to reach your goals faster.

  • Develop positive thinking

    Taeko will ask you unique questions about your experiences that can help develop positive thinking over time.

  • An open minded coach

    Taeko has diverse cultural experiences that helps her understand her client's objectives and barriers from different perspectives.